Show and Tell Schedule


Show and Tell Schedule

Show and Tell is a great time for students to practice speaking in front of his/her peers. Families, please help your child feel prepared before they present their Show and Tell item at school. The item should be hidden inside a bag. The Show and Tell schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the Div. 6 coatroom and also on our blog.

How do we do Show and Tell?

The presenter will start by saying three hints to the class about their show and tell item. (Example, it is white and blue. It is bouncy. It is round.)

Then, the class will have three chances to guess what the show and tell item is.

If no one can guess correctly, the presenter will show the class what the object is.

Next, the presenter will tell the class three things about their object. (Example, I got it from my mom and dad when we went on vacation. This is a box that my grandparents gave me for my birthday. I like it because it belonged to my sister and she gave it to me for my birthday.)

Then, the presenter will pick three students who will either ask a question or make a comment about the Show and Tell item.(Examples of questions: Who gave it to them? Where did they get it? Why do they like it?)

(Examples of comments: I like it because it reminds me of the time I went on vacation with my family.)

That’s it!  Thank you for your support of our Show and Tell program
~Ms. Lui

Show and Tell Schedule for Div. 6

Date Students
Jan 17 Zack and Sophie
Jan 24 Penny and Nihal
Jan 31 Nathan and Mary
Feb 7 Makayla and Lawrence
Feb 14 Kyra and Kuzay
Feb 21 Josie and Jannik
Feb 28 Jacky and Fischer
March 7 Carson and Caleb
March 14 Ayla
                 Spring Break
April 4 Zack and Sophie
April 11 Penny and Nihal
April 18 Nathan and Mary
April 26 Makayla and Lawrence
May 2 Kyra and Kuzay
May 9 Josie and Jannik
May 16 Jacky and Fischer
May 23 Carson and Caleb
May 30 Ayla