May 2018

It’s May!  The sun is shining and the energy in the school is high!


What is happening in May

May 3rd – Big one at 2 – this is our annual earthquake drill

May 11th – No Assembly on this Friday.  We are watching a show called “Mr. Hatch” in the gym!

May 17 – Walk-a-thon – This is our big annual fundraiser to raise funds for field trips, equipment, special events, etc. for next year!  Students and staff gather donations and then on May 17 we will walk around the school as many times as we can!  More info will be available later.

May 18- No school for everyone

May 21 – Victoria Day – No school for everyone

May 31 – Spring Fling at Dickens Main

What have we been doing?

We are taking part in PM Program with the whole school.  The students voted on the topics they would like to learn and they have decided to study SPACE!!

This week, we started 6 stations around the school with each station addressing one of the big WONDERs that students had about space.

In this picture, our older buddies are helping us to mark on the ballot what we want to learn in PM Program!  Div. 6 loves buddy reading time with Mrs. C’s grade 3 class! Thank you for all the support from our buddies throughout the year!

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