Term 3 and the Be Safe Program

Here are the things we are/will be learning about in Term 3!

Friendship Program

  • We are starting “Be Safe” (previous known as the Care Kit) during Friendship Program time.  This program teaches children to recognize feelings, understand that their body and feelings belong to them, remember that bodies are private and personal, and recognize safe (hugs by their family members, high fives, hand shakes) and unsafe touches (private areas). The program also has students practice simple and effective Personal Safety Rules such as saying “NO!” GO! Get away. TELL! Tell someone you trust. Keep on telling until someone helps you.


  • Rhyming words
  • Blends and digraphs
  • sight words
  • writing two sentences


  • 2D and 3D Shapes
  • Financial Literacy


  • Dance Week
  • Arts Umbrella Drama
  • Local artists
  • Technologies
  • Music (rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics)


  • Butterflies
  • Pushes and Pulls (effects of size, shape, material on movement)
  • Matter (fabric, wood, plastic, glass, foil, sand)

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