Valentine’s Day in Div. 6

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Here is some information about Valentine’s day at Dickens Annex.


If students choose to give out cards, please ensure that they give one to every student in our class.  This is to ensure that students don’t feel left out or hurt when we open the bags on Valentine’s Day.

Students can make their own cards or buy them from stores.  But we ask that they do not attach candy or snacks to the Valentine’s Day cards because of our school goals for students to have a healthy and balanced diet. They are welcome to attach other non-edible items to their cards.

We will be making Valentine’s Day mail bags then students can put their cards into the bags any time after.

Here is a list of student names in Div. 6:

  1. Ayla
  2. Caleb
  3. Carson
  4. Fischer
  5. Jacky
  6. Jannik
  7. Josie
  8. Kyra
  9. Kuzay
  10. Lawrence
  11. Makayla
  12. Mary
  13. Nathan
  14. Nihal
  15. Penny
  16. Sophie
  17. Zack

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