Happy 100 days of school!!!!

Thank you to Div. 6 families for the support last week when I encountered the car accident on the way to school and then got really sick on the weekend. It was definitely circumstances beyond my control and I am so sad to have missed so many special activities with Div. 6.  On a happier note, Div. 6 students were able to be flexible with the changes and the teachers-on-call all reported that students had a great couple of days.

Today is our class’s 100 days of school.  Thank you to all the families that sent in your trail mix ingredients!  It’s been an amazing 100 days of learning so far and I am so proud of everyone in Div. 6!  We did it! 100 days of social and emotional skills learning, writing, counting, reading, friendship skills, exploring, measuring, inquiring and so much more. We will be spending today celebrating and using the things that we have learned to play games and complete whole class activities!

Stayed tuned to a blog post later with details of what we did! Have a wonderful Friday and happy weekend!

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