February 2018 Updates

Reminder that the at home project (name posters) is due tomorrow.  Students need to bring it to school and put it in the hand-in box for Ms. Lui.  Thanks!  We are looking forward to reading each others’ stories about how we got our names.

What have we been doing?

Language Arts – We are studying the letter Qq this week.  Students are working on writing short sentences and practicing reading poetry.  We will be learning about rhyming words in February!

Math – We are learning about measurement!  We have already started learning to measure length using nonstandard units of measure (ex., This table is 25 cubes long. This box is 3 sticks long.). After a couple more lessons to measure length, students will learn about weight and capacity.

Measuring our heights using string.

PM Program – We started PM Program with Div. 5 and we are learning about polar bears.

Science – We are learning about the 5 senses.  We have been exploring the 4 tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter) by discussing taste and sorting foods into the taste groups.

Social Studies – We learned about personal and social responsibility.  Students brainstormed different personal and social responsibilities.  We will have a couple more Group Language Lessons with the whole school about this.

Art – Have you seen the new art we have been doing around the room?  We will do a Groundhog Day art activity tomorrow!  Div. 6 students have also been learning about rhythm and beat in music and taking part in drama games and activities.

February Reminders

Feb 2 – Mid-year reports are going home

Feb 7 – Skating – 8:40am arrive to school

Feb 12 – Family Day – No school for everyone

Feb 14 – Skating and Valentine’s Day – 8:40am arrive to school (another blog post about Valentine’s Day is coming up)

Feb 15 – Noodle making in Div. 6 for Lunar New Year

Feb 19 – District Wide Pro-D – No school for students

Feb 28 – Pink Shirt Day – wear pink to school on this day if students want

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