What have we been doing?

Language Arts – This week we have arrived at the letter Oo in our Letter of the Week Study. We are learning to write some words in class.  Students draw a line for every word they want to write and then stretch the word out and write a letter for every sound they hear.

Example.      I hd a fn weknd.

(I had a fun weekend.)

Math – We have been practicing 10 frames and the decomposition of numbers to 10.

Social Studies – We are learning about rights and responsibilities at home and at school.  Students have brainstormed two responsibilities at school so far.  

  • Be a good sport.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.

Science – We finished our penguin study and will start our next unit with Div. 5 soon!  We will be learning about polar bears together!  In addition, Div. 6 students are learning about the 5 senses.

Upcoming activities:

Jan 29 – Curriculum Implementation Day for teachers and staff – no school for students

Jan 31 – Ice Skating field trip 1 – Arrive to school at 8:40am!

Feb 7 – Ice Skating field trip 2- Arrive to school at 8:40am!

Feb 12 – Family Day – No school

Feb 14 – Ice Skating field trip 3- Arrive to school at 8:40am!

Art: Our windows of a winter scene!

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