How I got my name poster

Hello Div. 6 families,

We have been working on learning about social and personal responsibilities in Social Studies (part of the core competencies).  Our next unit of study will be about personal and cultural identities! We know that all families are different and diverse. Each family has their own unique traditions and stories to share!

Div. 6 students listened to the adapted story, “How Names Were Given”. This is a story based on an Okanagan First Nation Legend – Spirit Chief Names the Animal People. Students are bringing home a chart paper to complete a poster at home called, “How Names were Given.” Students will interview their family members to understand how they got their name, if it has a meaning or a story. On the poster, students will colour and decorate each letter in their name. Then, students with the help from their family will write some sentences explaining the story of how they got their name! These posters will later be posted up around the classroom to be shared at an All About Me Fair!

Thank you!



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