What have we been learning so far?


Students had a vote to decide which topic they wanted to learn about in Science!  The two choices were penguins or polar bears.  9 students voted for penguins and 5 voted for polar bears. Students have learned about penguin body parts, their habitat, and their life cycle so far. When we finish the penguin study, we will have a mini unit on polar bears next!  Stay tuned!

Social Studies

We have been studying about living and non-living things as well as human-made and natural things.  Students did a lot of categorizing and sorting of different things.


We are still working on subitizing in math to increase the class’s number sense awareness.  Students are becoming more comfortable with numbers.  We will have a new math game with dots in January for Math Monday!

Upcoming Activities

Dec 18 to 22 – there will be no FAMILY READING time.  Instead, please join us in the library SmartBoard area for holiday singing.  Families are welcome to sit on the carpet and join us!

Dec 18 to 22 – Cookie and card sales – There is a set number of cookie packages up for sale each day.  Please come to school on time and buy the cookies early to guarantee your child won’t be disappointed (if you would like to purchase some).

Dec 27 to Jan 5 is winter vacation.  There will be no school at this time.  See you all on Monday, Jan 8!

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