Our elf has finally arrived in the classroom!  We have been getting hints of her arrival for two days!  Here is a summary of what we found!

Day 1

Div. 6 walked into the classroom to find that it was decorated with winter holiday things! During Calendar Time, we found a note inside a mitten telling us to find a moose!

After the students looked around the room, we found the moose (reindeer?) with a note inside its belly!

Here is what the first note said!

The elf brought us some alphabet strips to help us with our letter recognition and writing!  Students were so happy!

Day 2

On Day 2, Elf got us a book called “The Elf on the Shelf.”

We learned all about how Elf flies back to the North Pole every night and comes back every morning!  Elf wants us to give her a name!

Day 3

Our elf arrived today!  She got us another letter and also a sheet to help us decide a name for her. We also did some Language Arts for Star (our elf)!

I wonder what Star will do tomorrow?

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