It’s October!

What have we been doing?

Language Arts

We are working on the letter on the week (Ee)!  Also, we have been learning about beginning letter sound in words like cat = c  /  mom = m /  dad = d.


We are investigating why some objects sink and others float in water!  Students did an experiment as a class by predicting whether an object they chose would sink or float in water.  We learned that if an object has more density than water then it will sink and if an object has less density than water then it will float! Next week, we will be creating books out of recycled products to float in water!

Social Studies

We have been learning about families and our community!  Students learned that families are all different and we are all unique!  We read the book “Same Difference” and made paper plate puppets of ourselves!


We are learning about number sense right now!  Students have played number bingo, dice games and even counted eyes for some Halloween monsters!  We have been learning about subitizing which is the ability to look at a number pattern and instantly recognize the number without counting!

Friendship Program

We have been learning about the Core Competencies (more blog posts to follow about this), the Zones of Regulation and Whole Body Listening!  We will have displays around the classroom during the conferences so students can explain to their families what these things are!  Stay tuned!


  • It has been raining a lot lately!  Please remember to send your child to school with warm rainy day gear!
  • Conferences are next week (Oct 18 & 19)!  I will be giving families a small strip of paper with your conference time.  Students will return to school with their family member(s) at that time and bring them on a tour around the room looking at all the things that we have been doing in Div. 6! There will also be time at the end of the tour to ask questions or chat with the teacher.
  • Oct 20 (Friday) is District Pro-D Day!  No school for students!



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