Halloween Activities

Halloween is next week!  We have some special activities planned at the Annex!


Spooky Reading

It is on Monday, Oct 30 and Tuesday, Oct 31 during Family Reading time.  It takes place in Div. 3 and 4’s classrooms (the two classrooms near our coat room area). The classrooms will be dark and the teacher will be reading spooky stories to students on the carpet! We will be starting Math Monday (families are invited to play a math game with their child) in our classroom on Monday and will still have regular Family Reading time in the Div. 6 classroom on Tuesday.


Halloween Stations

Students will take part in Halloween Stations on Tuesday.  This is a whole school activity where students can chose to go to any classroom in the school to do a Halloween activity!


Halloween Costumes

Students are invited to wear a Halloween costume to school on Oct 31.  It is a fun experience for students coming to school dressed in a costume.  Please make sure that any toy weapons that go with the costumes are left at home.  Also, please make sure that you label the costume with your child’s name. In previous years, we’ve had students dressed in the same costume. Then, when students decided to change out of their costume at recess/lunch, they got mixed up in the coat room area.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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