Welcome to Div. 6

I’m so excited to be your child’s kindergarten teacher this year! I know it will be an exciting year full of fun exploration and learning. We have 15 students in our class and we are Division 6!

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What we will be learning about next week!

Language Arts – Alphabet

Every week we will be learning about a letter of the week.  Students will sing the abc rap, practice their pencil grip, and learn their letter formation and letter sounds! Div. 6 will also be practicing writing strings of letters in their writing books.

Math – Patterning

We will be learning about patterning in math!  Students will learn about repeating patterns with two or three elements (example, red, green, red, green, red, green…).

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Sept 15 – Terry Fox Run at school (2 to 3pm)

Sept 21 – Professional Development Day for teachers and staff (no school for students)

Sept 26 – Parent Volunteer Conduct session (9:15am) . Please attend if you plan on volunteering on field trips this year!

Sept 29 – Sea Crow field trip (am)

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