Sea Crow Field Trip

We are looking for parent volunteers for our field trip next Friday!  Volunteers will need to sign a Volunteer Agreement with Erin (our VP) before the field trip. The next Volunteer Conduct Session is Sept 26 from 9:15am to 9:45am. We will have a Group Language lesson at school on Monday based on the book, Sea Crow by Shannon Stewart and Liz Milkau.

Synopsis of the story

After Jessica’s family moves to a new house, she and her little brother spend the first night talking about their fears. His are many and specific, but Jessica is unable to name hers. Entranced by the driftwood and other treasures on the nearby beach, Jessica, her brother, and her new school friend (Alicia) spend the afternoon making a scarecrow with seaweed for hair and clam shells for eyes.  They named it the Sea Crow. “If you tell her what frightens you,” says Alicia, “She’ll make you feel better.” Finally Jessica is able to confide her fears: new homes, new schools, and new people. The Sea Crow rattled and tinkled in the wind. The next morning is hot and sunny and Jessica decides to wear shorts to school and walk with Alicia. For the first time, Jessica’s shorts reveal her prosthetic leg to Alicia (and to the readers), but there’s nothing artificial about her new confidence or Alicia’s simple acceptance of her friend. (

During the field trip, students will be building a Sea Crow in a small group. The point of the field trip is for students to whisper any start of the school year worries to the Sea Crow and then leave the worries behind on the beach. This is a half day field trip and we will be back in school for the afternoon.

Reminder to hand in the field trip form and fees to Ms. Lui.  Thanks!

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