We have a school assembly in the gym every Friday at 2:30pm.  Families are welcome to join us. Throughout the year, assemblies may be cancelled due to school trips or activities.  Please make sure to read the orange bulletin board near the office for weekly updates!


Shoe laces

Students are learning to be independent when changing in and out of their indoor and outdoor shoes.  Please do not send shoes with laces if your child does not know how to tie laces yet.  We have busy days at school where we have to change in and out of shoes a couple of times a day and it can be frustrating for the students if they have to wait for help getting their shoes tied.  Slip on shoes and velcro shoes that are non-slip (for running around in the gym) would be best.



Some students have been away lately due to cold, cough and fever.  Please continue to keep your child at home if he/she is ill and to call the office to notify the school.

Thank you very much to Div. 6 families for the support so far!

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