Term 3 and the Be Safe Program

Here are the things we are/will be learning about in Term 3!

Friendship Program

  • We are starting the Be Safe (previous known as the Care Kit) during Friendship Program time.  This program teaches children to recognize feelings, understand that their body and feelings belong to them, remember that bodies are private and personal, and recognize safe (hugs by their family members, high fives, hand shakes) and unsafe touches (private areas). The program also has students practice simple and effective Personal Safety Rules such as saying “NO!” GO! Get away. TELL! Tell someone you trust. Keep on telling until someone helps you.


  • Rhyming words
  • Blends and digraphs
  • sight words
  • writing two sentences


  • 2D and 3D Shapes
  • Financial Literacy


  • Dance Week
  • Arts Umbrella Drama
  • Local artists
  • Technologies
  • Music (rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics)


  • Butterflies
  • Pushes and Pulls (effects of size, shape, material on movement)
  • Matter (fabric, wood, plastic, glass, foil, sand)

Upcoming Events

Friday, April 13

We have a disco dancing lesson at 9:10am with Parent Volunteer Tami.  No family reading on this day.

No Assembly this Friday!  We have a Hip Hop class on Friday afternoon so assembly is cancelled this week.

Wednesday, April 25 

Professional development day for staff.  No School for students.

School Starts at 8:55am

School starts at 8:55am daily.  Reminder to please sign your child in to school at the office if you are arriving late and Ms. Lui has either completed attendance and started a lesson or if we are out of the room participating in another class (such as field trips, performances, and dance/art classes in the gym).

Dances we will learn this week:

Monday – Latin Funk Dancing

Tuesday – Ballet and Mexican/Polish Dancing

Wednesday – Flamenco and Ballroom Dancing

Thursday – Indian Dancing

Friday – Disco and Hip Hop

Change of Clothes

Children love to play outdoors and be active during recess and lunch hour, as they should! It is important that children are dressed appropriately for outside play. If their clothes become wet and cold, it is very difficult for them to focus on learning throughout the day. Please ensure that your child is dressed for outside play. It’s also a good idea to keep a change of clothes in a plastic bag at school. Thank you!

April is here!

We are in our final term of kindergarten. I hope everyone had a fun Spring Break and Easter long weekend!


Things we will be learning about in April

Language Arts – We will complete our alphabet study in two more weeks!  After that, we will be learning about blends and digraphs (sh, ch, th, er, etc.)  as well as sight words.

Math – We finished our measurement unit and will now be learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

More info is coming in the next blog.

Arts Umbrella

Arts Umbrella visited us before the break and we used oil pastel and metallic paint to do a picture inspired by Monet’s Water Lily. Take a look at our work! If you can’t see the slideshow please go to our blog at www.mslui.com

Upcoming school events

April 9 -13

Next week is Dance Week at Dickens Annex!  We will be learning about different dances with the whole school!  We will have visitors and instructors coming in to give us demos and dance lessons!  Please dress comfortably in clothes and shoes for active dancing, jumping, hopping and grooving!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Upcoming School Activities:

March 8 – Velveteen Rabbit field trip

March 11 – Daylight Savings – Spring forward

March 12 to 15 -Book Fair in the creative area – Open during Family Reading and Conferences.  Not open after school.

March 14 – Arts Umbrella – Van Go – art class at school

March 14 and 15 – Early dismissal at 2pm

March 16 – Spring Stations and grade 3 egg drop – The egg drop will be at 2:30pm.  Families are welcome to come watch the grade 3s test their egg drop. We will gather in front of the undercover area.

March 19 – Spring Break starts

Upcoming school activities/events this week

Wed, Feb 28 – Pink Shirt Day

Students learned about Pink Shirt Day last week at Group Language time with the whole school.  Div. 6 is invited to join the rest of the school to wear pink on this day.

Wed, Feb 28 – Vancouver symphony orchestra field trip

Please arrive to school on time.  We will be leaving on the school bus at 9:15am to go to the VSO.  We will be listening to the Carnival of Animals.

Thurs, March 1 – Author Visit

Lee Edward Fodi is visiting our school to talk about his books and experiences being an author!

Fri, March 2 – PJ Day, Camp Reading, Dr. Seuss Day

Students are invited to participate in pyjama day by coming to school wearing pjs!  Div. 6 students can also bring in one stuffy that day for Camp Read.  We will spend the morning reading books, celebrating Dr. Seuss Day, creating some oral stories and watching BookFlix together.

Thurs, March 8 – Velveteen Rabbit field trip

We are going to the Carousel Theatre for Young People’s presentation of the Velveteen Rabbit at Granville Island.  Field trip forms will be sent out shortly.

Happy 100 days of school!!!!

Thank you to Div. 6 families for the support last week when I encountered the car accident on the way to school and then got really sick on the weekend. It was definitely circumstances beyond my control and I am so sad to have missed so many special activities with Div. 6.  On a happier note, Div. 6 students were able to be flexible with the changes and the teachers-on-call all reported that students had a great couple of days.

Today is our class’s 100 days of school.  Thank you to all the families that sent in your trail mix ingredients!  It’s been an amazing 100 days of learning so far and I am so proud of everyone in Div. 6!  We did it! 100 days of social and emotional skills learning, writing, counting, reading, friendship skills, exploring, measuring, inquiring and so much more. We will be spending today celebrating and using the things that we have learned to play games and complete whole class activities!

Stayed tuned to a blog post later with details of what we did! Have a wonderful Friday and happy weekend!

Valentine’s Day in Div. 6

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Here is some information about Valentine’s day at Dickens Annex.


If students choose to give out cards, please ensure that they give one to every student in our class.  This is to ensure that students don’t feel left out or hurt when we open the bags on Valentine’s Day.

Students can make their own cards or buy them from stores.  But we ask that they do not attach candy or snacks to the Valentine’s Day cards because of our school goals for students to have a healthy and balanced diet. They are welcome to attach other non-edible items to their cards.

We will be making Valentine’s Day mail bags then students can put their cards into the bags any time after.

Here is a list of student names in Div. 6:

  1. Ayla
  2. Caleb
  3. Carson
  4. Fischer
  5. Jacky
  6. Jannik
  7. Josie
  8. Kyra
  9. Kuzay
  10. Lawrence
  11. Makayla
  12. Mary
  13. Nathan
  14. Nihal
  15. Penny
  16. Sophie
  17. Zack

Lego Build and Write

One of our writing lessons last week was a Lego build and write!  We put the whole box of Lego bricks on the floor and invited students to build anything they wanted.  Students were super excited and started building right away!  After the building was completed, students wrote a sentence in their writing books about what they wrote.  Ms. Lui even challenged some students to try to write two sentences! The lesson was a success and we all had lots of fun building, writing and reading!

February 2018 Updates

Reminder that the at home project (name posters) is due tomorrow.  Students need to bring it to school and put it in the hand-in box for Ms. Lui.  Thanks!  We are looking forward to reading each others’ stories about how we got our names.

What have we been doing?

Language Arts – We are studying the letter Qq this week.  Students are working on writing short sentences and practicing reading poetry.  We will be learning about rhyming words in February!

Math – We are learning about measurement!  We have already started learning to measure length using nonstandard units of measure (ex., This table is 25 cubes long. This box is 3 sticks long.). After a couple more lessons to measure length, students will learn about weight and capacity.

Measuring our heights using string.

PM Program – We started PM Program with Div. 5 and we are learning about polar bears.

Science – We are learning about the 5 senses.  We have been exploring the 4 tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter) by discussing taste and sorting foods into the taste groups.

Social Studies – We learned about personal and social responsibility.  Students brainstormed different personal and social responsibilities.  We will have a couple more Group Language Lessons with the whole school about this.

Art – Have you seen the new art we have been doing around the room?  We will do a Groundhog Day art activity tomorrow!  Div. 6 students have also been learning about rhythm and beat in music and taking part in drama games and activities.

February Reminders

Feb 2 – Mid-year reports are going home

Feb 7 – Skating – 8:40am arrive to school

Feb 12 – Family Day – No school for everyone

Feb 14 – Skating and Valentine’s Day – 8:40am arrive to school (another blog post about Valentine’s Day is coming up)

Feb 15 – Noodle making in Div. 6 for Lunar New Year

Feb 19 – District Wide Pro-D – No school for students

Feb 28 – Pink Shirt Day – wear pink to school on this day if students want

Reminder: No school today

Today is Curricular Implementation Day.  There is no school for students.  Have a great day!

Ice Skating Field Trip Reminder:

Group 1 will be Div. 1,2 and 6

Students please arrive to school at 8:40am

We leave on a school bus at 8:45am

We skate from 9:15-10:15

We will return to school at 10:30