Reminders This Week – Conferences and No School Friday

Tomorrow and Thursday will be student conferences!  Students will be dismissed from school at 2pm on both days.

Families, please return to school with your child at the time of their conference.  When you arrive, students will be leading you through some stations around the room to show you what they have been doing in school so far.   The last station will be a check-in with Ms. Lui to discuss goals and progress!

There is no school on Friday for students!

It’s October!

What have we been doing?

Language Arts

We are working on the letter on the week (Ee)!  Also, we have been learning about beginning letter sound in words like cat = c  /  mom = m /  dad = d.


We are investigating why some objects sink and others float in water!  Students did an experiment as a class by predicting whether an object they chose would sink or float in water.  We learned that if an object has more density than water then it will sink and if an object has less density than water then it will float! Next week, we will be creating books out of recycled products to float in water!

Social Studies

We have been learning about families and our community!  Students learned that families are all different and we are all unique!  We read the book “Same Difference” and made paper plate puppets of ourselves!


We are learning about number sense right now!  Students have played number bingo, dice games and even counted eyes for some Halloween monsters!  We have been learning about subitizing which is the ability to look at a number pattern and instantly recognize the number without counting!

Friendship Program

We have been learning about the Core Competencies (more blog posts to follow about this), the Zones of Regulation and Whole Body Listening!  We will have displays around the classroom during the conferences so students can explain to their families what these things are!  Stay tuned!


  • It has been raining a lot lately!  Please remember to send your child to school with warm rainy day gear!
  • Conferences are next week (Oct 18 & 19)!  I will be giving families a small strip of paper with your conference time.  Students will return to school with their family member(s) at that time and bring them on a tour around the room looking at all the things that we have been doing in Div. 6! There will also be time at the end of the tour to ask questions or chat with the teacher.
  • Oct 20 (Friday) is District Pro-D Day!  No school for students!



Tomorrow is our 1st field trip!

There is no Family Walking or Family Reading tomorrow morning.  Please arrive to school at 8:55am and head to the classroom.  Students will hang up their backpacks because we do not need to bring it to the beach. Please tell your child not to change their shoes because we will be leaving on the bus soon.  Students will need to put their snack in their pockets because we will be having snack time when we get to the beach.  Next, Ms. Lui will give each student an orange field trip shirt to wear, do attendance with the class and have students line up to go on the bus.

Thanks!  Hoping for good weather tomorrow!



We have a school assembly in the gym every Friday at 2:30pm.  Families are welcome to join us. Throughout the year, assemblies may be cancelled due to school trips or activities.  Please make sure to read the orange bulletin board near the office for weekly updates!


Shoe laces

Students are learning to be independent when changing in and out of their indoor and outdoor shoes.  Please do not send shoes with laces if your child does not know how to tie laces yet.  We have busy days at school where we have to change in and out of shoes a couple of times a day and it can be frustrating for the students if they have to wait for help getting their shoes tied.  Slip on shoes and velcro shoes that are non-slip (for running around in the gym) would be best.



Some students have been away lately due to cold, cough and fever.  Please continue to keep your child at home if he/she is ill and to call the office to notify the school.

Thank you very much to Div. 6 families for the support so far!

Changes this week

Library time for Div. 6 is normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays with book exchanges on Tuesdays. We do not have library time tomorrow because of whole school activities for Healthy Living Week.

This week, we will have library time on Wednesday and Thursday with library book exchange on Thursday.

Feel free to bring in your child’s library book bag and put it in the blue bucket for book exchange later.


Sea Crow Field Trip

We are looking for parent volunteers for our field trip next Friday!  Volunteers will need to sign a Volunteer Agreement with Erin (our VP) before the field trip. The next Volunteer Conduct Session is Sept 26 from 9:15am to 9:45am. We will have a Group Language lesson at school on Monday based on the book, Sea Crow by Shannon Stewart and Liz Milkau.

Synopsis of the story

After Jessica’s family moves to a new house, she and her little brother spend the first night talking about their fears. His are many and specific, but Jessica is unable to name hers. Entranced by the driftwood and other treasures on the nearby beach, Jessica, her brother, and her new school friend (Alicia) spend the afternoon making a scarecrow with seaweed for hair and clam shells for eyes.  They named it the Sea Crow. “If you tell her what frightens you,” says Alicia, “She’ll make you feel better.” Finally Jessica is able to confide her fears: new homes, new schools, and new people. The Sea Crow rattled and tinkled in the wind. The next morning is hot and sunny and Jessica decides to wear shorts to school and walk with Alicia. For the first time, Jessica’s shorts reveal her prosthetic leg to Alicia (and to the readers), but there’s nothing artificial about her new confidence or Alicia’s simple acceptance of her friend. (

During the field trip, students will be building a Sea Crow in a small group. The point of the field trip is for students to whisper any start of the school year worries to the Sea Crow and then leave the worries behind on the beach. This is a half day field trip and we will be back in school for the afternoon.

Reminder to hand in the field trip form and fees to Ms. Lui.  Thanks!

Healthy Living Week


Healthy Living Week is next week!  There will be a variety of whole school and classroom activities about physical, emotional, and social health.  For example, Healthy Emotions and Friendships, Snacks, Sleep, and Zones of Regulation.


Family Walk

Instead of having family reading time in the morning, we will be having a family walk around the park from 8:55 to 9:15am from Monday to Thursday.  We will not be walking on Friday morning due to our field trip.  Please have students leave their bags and jackets in the undercover area!



Pete the Cat visited Div. 6!

We had a visit from Pete the Cat last Thursday!  Pete is a groovy cat. He left us a couple of books to read and a cutting and pasting activity to do!  We read the books Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons and Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes. Div. 6 students practiced their cutting skills in art and made their very own Pete the Cat!  In Language Arts, we drew and sounded out some beginning letters for ideas of how to calm down when we get overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated! The students loved making their own Pete and are excited to bring it home!


  • Thursday, Sept 21 is Professional Development Day (No school for students)
  • Please remember to send spoons and forks to school with your child’s lunch.
  • Friday, Sept 29 is our first field trip!  Please let Ms. Lui know if you can be a parent volunteer on this field trip.
  • Please read through the large envelop of info and forms that went home on Friday and send the forms back to school.

That’s it for now!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Welcome to Div. 6

I’m so excited to be your child’s kindergarten teacher this year! I know it will be an exciting year full of fun exploration and learning. We have 15 students in our class and we are Division 6!

IMG_0114 copy

What we will be learning about next week!

Language Arts – Alphabet

Every week we will be learning about a letter of the week.  Students will sing the abc rap, practice their pencil grip, and learn their letter formation and letter sounds! Div. 6 will also be practicing writing strings of letters in their writing books.

Math – Patterning

We will be learning about patterning in math!  Students will learn about repeating patterns with two or three elements (example, red, green, red, green, red, green…).

IMG_0115 copy


Sept 15 – Terry Fox Run at school (2 to 3pm)

Sept 21 – Professional Development Day for teachers and staff (no school for students)

Sept 26 – Parent Volunteer Conduct session (9:15am) . Please attend if you plan on volunteering on field trips this year!

Sept 29 – Sea Crow field trip (am)