Stanley Park tomorrow

We are spending the day at Stanley Park tomorrow!  We will be at the grassy area near the water park.

Here is a list of suggestions for things to bring on the field trip tomorrow:

  • sun screen
  • swim suit
  • hat
  • sun glasses
  • snack
  • lunch
  • lots of water
  • towel
  • protective footwear (shells and rocks on the beach)

Students will have to wear the orange Dickens Annex t-shirt on the field trip. It’s going to be hot! Please dress for the weather and put on sun screen before arriving to school.


Sports Day

  • Today is Sports Day!

Reminder to Parade participants:

  • bikes and scooters only
  • Must wear helmets
  • students of Dickens Annex can participate

Sports Day schedule

9 am – attendance will be taken and parents who are staying to watch should go outside and wait near the undercover area. Students will wear their Rosettes.

9:10am – students will go to their team meeting spot

The three teams will march out to the undercover area and give their cheer.

After the cheer, the bike parade will be announced by staff.

The running races will be next and students need to listen for their grade.

10am- Sports Day stations officially start


Dress for the weather

Wear running shoes

Drink lots of water throughout the day

Have fun!



Date change~

Camp Read and Book Swap has been moved up to Thursday, June 21!

Students are invited to come to school dressed in their pyjamas for Camp Read. If students would like to participate in the Book Swap, please send old books your child is no longer interested in to school to swap for different used books!

We got water beads in Div. 6!  Students used the water beads to write a 5 senses poem. They played with the water beads and then brainstormed words to describe them!  The water beads are now part of Centres play time.

Look at some of the creations made at Puzzles and Games time!  Some students made a car and dinosaur using Gears!  Creative thinking is happening in Div. 6!

What’s happening in June

Wed, June 6

All library books due back at school – please talk to Lorraine if your child has missing library books.

Fri, June 8 at 2:00 pm

Dickens Talent Show – Families are invited to come and watch.

Fri, June 15

Sports Day – Families are invited to our Sports Day event.  There is a Bike Parade. Students who would like to participate in the Bike Parade can decorate their bike at home with their family.  Please make sure all bikes are safely secured to the bike racks outside and that all riders wear a helmet.  More details to follow.

Wed, June 19

Stanley Park Field Trip – Please let Ms. Lui know if you can volunteer on this fieldtrip.  Volunteers need to have signed the volunteer agreement form prior to the field trip.

Fri, June 22

Camp Read and Book Swap – Students are invited to come to school dressed in their pyjamas for Camp Read. If students would like to participate in the Book Swap, please send old books your child is no longer interested in to school to swap for different used books!

Thurs, June 28

Last day of school for students.  Report cards will go home with your child.


Div. 6 students,

If you would like to be part of our 2018 Talent Show on the afternoon of Friday, June 8th. It’s time to check-in with your classroom teacher!

All students must audition with their classroom teacher by June 1 and any needed music must be given to classroom teachers by Friday, June 1 as well.

Talent Show Criteria

  • Must be a talent the student has already developed
  • Must be a talent that can be shared in a show format
  • 2 minutes or shorter
  • student must have a clear plan ready (i.e. NO improv!)
  • Talent Show participants must be students from Dickens Annex

Please talk to Ms. Lui if you have any questions!

May 2018

It’s May!  The sun is shining and the energy in the school is high!


What is happening in May

May 3rd – Big one at 2 – this is our annual earthquake drill

May 11th – No Assembly on this Friday.  We are watching a show called “Mr. Hatch” in the gym!

May 17 – Walk-a-thon – This is our big annual fundraiser to raise funds for field trips, equipment, special events, etc. for next year!  Students and staff gather donations and then on May 17 we will walk around the school as many times as we can!  More info will be available later.

May 18- No school for everyone

May 21 – Victoria Day – No school for everyone

May 31 – Spring Fling at Dickens Main

What have we been doing?

We are taking part in PM Program with the whole school.  The students voted on the topics they would like to learn and they have decided to study SPACE!!

This week, we started 6 stations around the school with each station addressing one of the big WONDERs that students had about space.

In this picture, our older buddies are helping us to mark on the ballot what we want to learn in PM Program!  Div. 6 loves buddy reading time with Mrs. C’s grade 3 class! Thank you for all the support from our buddies throughout the year!

Term 3 and the Be Safe Program

Here are the things we are/will be learning about in Term 3!

Friendship Program

  • We are starting “Be Safe” (previous known as the Care Kit) during Friendship Program time.  This program teaches children to recognize feelings, understand that their body and feelings belong to them, remember that bodies are private and personal, and recognize safe (hugs by their family members, high fives, hand shakes) and unsafe touches (private areas). The program also has students practice simple and effective Personal Safety Rules such as saying “NO!” GO! Get away. TELL! Tell someone you trust. Keep on telling until someone helps you.


  • Rhyming words
  • Blends and digraphs
  • sight words
  • writing two sentences


  • 2D and 3D Shapes
  • Financial Literacy


  • Dance Week
  • Arts Umbrella Drama
  • Local artists
  • Technologies
  • Music (rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics)


  • Butterflies
  • Pushes and Pulls (effects of size, shape, material on movement)
  • Matter (fabric, wood, plastic, glass, foil, sand)

Upcoming Events

Friday, April 13

We have a disco dancing lesson at 9:10am with Parent Volunteer Tami.  No family reading on this day.

No Assembly this Friday!  We have a Hip Hop class on Friday afternoon so assembly is cancelled this week.

Wednesday, April 25 

Professional development day for staff.  No School for students.

School Starts at 8:55am

School starts at 8:55am daily.  Reminder to please sign your child in to school at the office if you are arriving late and Ms. Lui has either completed attendance and started a lesson or if we are out of the room participating in another class (such as field trips, performances, and dance/art classes in the gym).

Dances we will learn this week:

Monday – Latin Funk Dancing

Tuesday – Ballet and Mexican/Polish Dancing

Wednesday – Flamenco and Ballroom Dancing

Thursday – Indian Dancing

Friday – Disco and Hip Hop

Change of Clothes

Children love to play outdoors and be active during recess and lunch hour, as they should! It is important that children are dressed appropriately for outside play. If their clothes become wet and cold, it is very difficult for them to focus on learning throughout the day. Please ensure that your child is dressed for outside play. It’s also a good idea to keep a change of clothes in a plastic bag at school. Thank you!